Wednesday, November 21, 2007

New Adventures

Well, since Jay has announced this at her blog, I figure I should break my silence here too. My next big project coming up is a new job offer I've accepted to build and teach an online stop-motion animation course for the Academy of Art CyberCampus based out of San Francisco. I was referred to them by David Nethery, who I met at the Ottawa Animation Festival last year. The idea has been in the works for a few months now, but it's finally been made more official. The process has barely started at this point; I've been assigned a team to work with me in putting the course together, and currently collecting resources and brainstorming the outline. I expect things to start rolling along within the next month or so, and will keep me pretty busy through most of the new year. The course is supposed to be launched in Sept 2008. So, I'm quite looking forward to this new challenge.

It's especially amazing to me to see how the hand of God has brought this opportunity to light. It was through more of a chance meeting with David, who had worked with Calvin, who came with me to Ottawa, and gave us a more unique chance to connect. And then nearly a year later...I had been contemplating how I really wished I could spend more time teaching, and then this option fell into my lap, much like how my book got started. So the chess pieces were very well aligned in this case!

Also coming up is the second Hollywood Jesus Gathering in Renton, WA over New Years. I'm scheduled to give a presentation on 'Animation as an Act of Worship' on the Monday Dec 31. All are welcome to attend! (I'll post more details soon)


Ryan McCulloch said...

Dude! Sweet! I took to stop-motion classes at AAU under Cora Craig. That was 3 or 4 years ago I think, and that school put almost NO money into the stop-mo department. I'm excited that they are fleshing the program out more. Stop-mo would be very hard to teach online, but if someone could figure it out, that would be a great thing. More people need to be able to learn how. Good luck dude!!!!
PS- It's good to see more Christians in the arts and animation.

Nicky6ster Art Spot said...

That's awesome! Can't wait to see the Program!! Speaking of Stop-motion I started building a new puppet and its lots of fun!!