Monday, May 21, 2007

Wuz gowan own wif Ken?

Since I very rarely blog, it's time to catch up! it's monday...i have today off....i've been dusting, vacuuming, neglecting hygiene, staying in my jammies and working on dubbing for a DVD trade with someone off the message board....i'll be getting some good stuff in return....useful for my next book project....shhhhhh! it's a secret. nah, not really....thinking of doing a book on stop-motion history, cuz nobody else seems to be doing it and i think it's interesting so what the hell, it be fun! got 'puppet animation in the cinema' and 'making of king kong' from the library recently to help.

film class at sunday school has been fun....had Kevin Miller as a guest speaker last week talking about the Hero's Journey; very fascinating stuff and helped me bring around full circle many of the themes i've found in movies. speaking of movies, we rented 'Shut Up and Sing' the other day and loved it! I like the Dixie Chicks, they sing good. Working on my film a little bit too.

overall i like life. you should try it's life. it's good.

and now, Ariel likes to dance. I just had deja vu when posting this.

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