Monday, June 12, 2006

Cut, Print, That's a Wrap!

It's official, the book has finally been shipped to the printers, so it's officially out of my hands! All that is left is batting ideas around for marketing, which I've already made suggestions for, so it's up to the publishers to work it. I feel strangely empty yet fulfilled, and it's hard to believe I no longer have to pick away at this thing at night. I find just doing nothing rather satisfying and I have an itching urge to watch Star Wars, which I think I will do tomorrow on the bus. That is random and I have no idea why.

Anyway, here is the cover, before a minor punctuation adjustment at bottom:

Already available for pre-order at and available July 18!

Baby still kicking like the Flashdance video these days. Tonight she practically womped my hand away. Jay is really uncomfortable cuz the weather is getting warmer, fog is getting thicker, Leon is getting larger, and so is she. 7 weeks to go, so we're praying for an early arrival.

Tick tick tick...

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