Monday, May 22, 2006

Long Weekend Ketchup

Time to ketchup on recent events.

A few weeks ago I had a radio interview on CBC Radio, and I'm still waiting on getting a recording of it, either from the Reel Youth festival people or from CBC. When I get a copy I'll post it here. It was a lot of fun...I love doing radio...takes me back to old WCBN daze.

Author review time for the book going well...I have to get going on the CD material very soon, as I'm running out of time for it.

My brain is...hold on a second...that's better. My brain is pretty full with lots of things these days: work, baby, book, films, eating. Our baby has been kicking and dancing up a storm lately, and many a relaxing night between business has been spent on the couch feeling it move while all of the good TV shows wrap up their series finales. We are at the point where we would rather have it here than inside there. Already preparing myself pretending there's a little person in the house. It's all new so I don't really know how to act, other than being supportive and excited, and take it as it comes.

Luckily today is a day off, so here is something to give the brain a rest...

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