Saturday, April 29, 2006

Photos, Killer Plants, and a Weekend Getaway

So this has been an eventful week! Wednesday night we had a maternity photo shoot done by Maria at Frozen Reflections, who did our photo shoot from last Spring. It was fun...Jay didn't wear much. We will have some nice pictures for various baby albums and scrapbooks now, plus a few that only arty folk like us will see.

Thursday night, after a frustrating day at work, was seeing my favorite musical Little Shop of Horrors done by the local high school. A couple guys from our Youth Group were involved in the production, as well. For a high school production, they did a fantastic job, even better then the rendition I saw at UofM. It was nice to see it done with a real talking plant, rather than a giant pod with a girl in a green leotard coming out. It reminded me of how brilliant the lyrics are in that show, and there were extra songs not included in the movie that were just as good. I found myself almost tearing up during 'Somewhere That's Green'...the 50s references are awesome and make it nostalgic but classic. The one song I noticed they cut was 'Mean Green Mother' which was fine, because it's not a very strong song. It works well in the movie, but I think given the dark tone of the play near the end it would have seemed out of place, so I'm glad they cut it. Now I want to watch the movie again...and again.

...and again.

Now we are in Victoria and you are not, unless you live here, hi.....for a much-needed getaway. Not sure what we're going to do today, except eat at Chandlers and have tea, shop, etc. whatever. Ok time to go.

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