Friday, March 31, 2006

Doesn't look like Skeletor anymore

Here's baby update again. A few weeks ago we went to the 3D ultrasound place but their equipment wasn't working right, so we had to reschedule, and we're going back there April 12. The trip wasn't a total waste, cuz we found out it looks like we're having...

...a girl!

We're very excited; I'm already telling her she's not allowed to date or get on the back of a motorcycle. Today we had another 2D ultrasound pictured above, and she did a big stretch with a yawn, and scratched the back of her head. Profile looks like both of us, since Jay and I have the same profile anyway, so no surprises there. She's been kicking alot, but I haven't felt it yet. Sure I will before too long, and people say you can usually see little lumps poking around sometimes. This is so cool.

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