Friday, February 17, 2006

Overdoo Blog

I'm finally out from under my rock. It's been a crazy busy time lately, what with book writing, stress at work, birthdays, babies, barf and more book writing. So here's a few highlights...

-interviews mostly finished...just plugging away on chapters trying to make myself sound intelligent. Not much else to say there; just writing and getting equipped for animating. I got Ray Harryhausen's mailing address.

-One morning I got some sort of food poisoning from some bad Japanese food. It was not fun. It was the opposite of good.

-I turned 31 on a Sunday. Went to church and found out we raised lots of money for the new building. Jesus rocks. Spent the rest of the day with leisure, Chinese food and 80s videos.

-I got my first advance check from the publishers...the first time I got paid to write!'s to the start of something.

-Last night I met Marv Newland and got to see all his films on the big screen. Quite a historic event...nice guy too.

-Baby's getting bigger! Finally heard its heartbeat. We have a sneaky baby...we found it right away, and then it moved, as if saying 'leave me alone!' Then it took awhile to find it again, but finally located it and got to listen to it a game of hide and seek. Probably means it will be a difficult child with a mind of its own? Guess we had it coming, being who we are. Seriously though, I have been in a pretty great mood since then...the reality of this whole thing hit us and it's very exciting. Afterwards I had a very new feeling that was altogether new to me (and quite frankly, I love it!) Heh.

- Puppy!

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