Saturday, September 24, 2005

Ottawa Day #4

So today was a long day, at the booth and checkin' out films. Meeka ended up pulling an all-nighter at the studio so the house was still empty when i woke up. So I stood by the booth all morning while she got her much-needed rest. Steve showed up...hooray!

I took a little break from the booth when things were slow so I could check out just a few of the kids' films, mainly Henry Selick's Moongirl...the website had indicated he would be here in person, but such was not the case. Perhaps tomorrow, as his film is showing then as well...we shall see. Gopher Broke was also a great film; would love a copy of both of those. Meeka showed up in the afternoon, and Jerry Beck & Steve got together at our booth to look at Thunderbean's DVDs-in-progress...a real meeting of the animation history minds there. John Canemaker stopped by our booth briefly to pick up a brochure. I didn't get my picture with him cuz he seemed like he was in a hurry, but will attempt it tomorrow. Got a picture with Jerry though.

After going out to grab din-din for ourselves, we closed up shop to witness the Pee-Wee's Playhouse Screening at 7. That was sure lots of fun, and brought back lots of memories. Then we made our way to Barrymore's for Jerry's Worst Cartoons Ever show, which was absolutely hilarious. Even more so to discover Lee Mishkin's name as a writer for the Super President show, and Ken Southworth as animator on that awful Bucky & Pepito. I bought a copy from Jerry, as I'm sure it would be a big hit at the school for many movie nights.

One more day to go!

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