Monday, April 04, 2005

Time change

urrrrrrrrrrhhhhhhhhhh dont like timmmmmeee chaaannnnnnnge.

last the week before that i was in Alberta. it was cold. but i had a good time. presentations went well; got to see friends, got to see new baby. being on the road like that is actually quite fun, although it got lonely sometimes. the best part of my job is meeting people. people who are genuinely interested in what the school has to offer. i love that.

sunday morning i had a vivid dream of watching 'the passion' and then actually being part of a scene in the movie, being one of the people who was assigned to beat Jesus. another person was with me, and proceeded to beat him, but i was afraid to. He looked right at me and i felt a kind of magnetic vortex of being drawn to him, wanting to embrace him and run to him, yet being afraid and being held back at the same time. He scooped up a pile of sand in his hands and said 'look at the good earth that God has made' and the sand started to blow out of his hands and freak out the surrounding crowd. as the crowd led him away, the radio alarm went off and scene continued to the accompaniment of "One" by U2. very strange and moving...not sure why i had this dream. most likely lingering thoughts of Easter and thoughts of knowing that I'm so feeble at being the person I should be, but i'm trying. wish i could let go more....let go of control. get some energy. i'm so tired all the time.

there are very exciting times ahead. just make it until then, and wake up.
very, very exciting times. and Jay makes me laugh and smile.

mmmm, cheetos are good.

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