Saturday, May 22, 2010

Cut, Print, that's a Wrap!

I've finally come out of hiding to the Boundaries again after several months of hard labor in the stop-motion mines, but this will be a quick announcement post to simply say the book is officially out of my hands! Also below is what I posted on for what you can find inside. I will post more later to catch up on this and everything else.

Ken Priebe's new book 'The Advanced Art of Stop-Motion Animation' is off to the printers for release date of June 23, including a Foreward by Henry Selick!

SEE...the first full documented history on 80 years of feature-length stop-motion puppet films, from 'Tale of the Fox' to 'Fantastic Mr. Fox'. coverage of puppet-building techniques using plug-ins, silicone, rapid prototyping, replacements, and the inner workings of puppets by artists such as Dave Hettmer, Ron Cole and the Chiodo Bros. Uncle Creepy!

SEE...information on shooting with Digital SLR cameras, camera rigs, and stereoscopic 3D.

SEE...information on animation techniques and tons of coverage on digital compositing and visual effects.

SEE...8 new interviews with the following stop-motion artists:
-Mark Caballero, Seamus Walsh & Chris Finnegan of Screen Novelties
-Pete Kozachik, ASC
-Trey Thomas
-Bronwen Kyffin
-Larry Bafia and Webster Colcord
-Marc Spess
-Ryan McCulloch
-Justin and Shel Rasch

AND...on the enclosed CD:
-QuickTime Animation Clips for studying animation principles, dialogue, and compositing, including 2 clips in 3D by Justin Rasch.

-2 additional Bonus Appendices in pdf format, with loads of content and pictures on...

~Stop-Motion Education (Courses at CalArts, Sheridan College, Academy of Art University, workshops by Jurgen Kling & Lee Skinner)

~The Stop-Motion Animation Community online and in festivals, with URL links embedded to take you DIRECTLY to many amazing websites and production blogs.

Available for pre-order now at!

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who made it possible!