Tuesday, August 07, 2012

New Website (again)

If you've stumbled on the old Boundaries blog looking for my website, it's changed again to a new domain and URL: http://www.priebelieving.com

The site itself is essentially the same, but has been changed to make it more personalized and align it better to where my future projects seem to be heading, into realms of writing, prose, poetry and illustrative exploration in addition to animation.


Sunday, February 20, 2011

New Website!

I now have a central place for all my "stuff" on the internet: articles, movie reviews, books, animation, videos, links to my personal and professional work, and plugs for my friends online. Still a few twix and tweax to make here and there, but the basics are there for anyone to enjoy. This blog shall remain for archival purposes, but for now friends, follow me on my new site as I update it with more of my unfolding projects. You can also follow updates for the site on Facebook. Thanks for following the Boundaries, and feel free to keep poking around here to look back on years gone by.

Saturday, January 01, 2011

Beyond the Boundaries...

Greetings friends! If you're still checking in or stumbling upon the Boundaries now and again, I realize it's been awhile since I posted anything here. Shortly after the last post, my workplace moved into a new building, we had an amazing family vacation to Michigan and New York, and the Fall season moved forward as I continued through the journey of life, work, faith and everything else. Just prior to this time period, my life was pretty much all-consumed by building my online course, which segued right into my son being born, which segued right into the extremely consuming process of my 'advanced stop-motion' book. Combining all of this activity with the exhaustion it would inevitably cause, along with the act of posting funny pictures & movies or interesting things I'm doing being replaced by the quicker, easier, more personal method of Facebook has caused me to re-evaluate how I can best pursue having a presence online for the world to share.

As of today I am in the final stages of a major freelance animation gig with a tight deadline, but taking a moment to simply announce my gradual shifting and shuffling of all-things-Ken online. This blog will likely remain for archival purposes, but a new website shall be underway in the next little while which organizes all of my work into one place.

More on this soon...

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Book Has Arrived!

Took awhile, but I finally have a copy of my book in my hands! The kids like it too. Jay had to take a picture to match the one she took 4 years ago with my first one.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Stop Motion Marvels

I'm proud to announce here the release of an amazing DVD I have been privileged to co-produce with my friend and colleague Steve Stanchfield and his company Thunderbean Animation...STOP MOTION MARVELS!

This disc has been in the works for about 7 years, and Steve and I would talk about it often, waiting for all the necessary material and research to be collected at just the right time. The material you will find on his disc is nothing short of amazing, particularly the lost shorts by the Kinex Studio. I was blown away by these films when I first saw them, and I'm so glad the secret is out for all the world to enjoy them. Steve and his colleague Stuart McKissick did a great job compiling all of the research behind these shorts, all laid out in a 12-page booklet that is incredibly well-written. Commentaries are contributed by Mark Caballero and Seamus Walsh at Screen Novelties, Puppetoon animator/puppeteer Bob Baker, Larry Larson, Jim Danforth, and also Steve Stanchfield and myself (commenting through Skype between BC and Michigan).

I also re-animated Steve's ThunderBean logo in stop-motion using tiny clay replacement puppets, and have documented the production process in my new book.

ORDER A COPY TODAY! It may be the most amazing thing you purchase all year.

Lyfe Updates

Trying to fill the blog up with some random highlights of interesting things that have happened recently during the interim months of finishing my book and gradually coming out of hiding. Let's see...

Ariel was in a JELLO commercial! Through random pulling people off the streets of Ladner and offering to shoot them eating pudding cups, Ariel got picked to be in the final cut. For this 1 second of fame, she got $500, which pays for her plane ticket to Michigan & New York later this summer. We might need to get her in pictures if we want to travel more eh? Watch for her to flash in at the :20 mark.

I got to travel across Canada to give some Info Sessions for VanArts, visiting Winnipeg, Saskatoon, Calgary and Edmonton. Didn't see much of Winnipeg at all, but I did get to meet a fellow artist from the online stop-motion community, Emily Baxter, known online as emmyymme...always a neat thing to meet online folks in person. Saskatoon was quite a beautiful city and I got to catch up with my old friend Augusto Kapronczai and see the animation studio where he's working. The whole time I was traveling across various time zones through hotels and family homes, my book was in the middle of the editing/layout process and the editors were scrambling to squeeze in all the content...it was pretty crazy.

Let's see, what else...my dad visited us and we had a nice time hanging out with the kids and seeing sights of Vancouver.

3 generations of Priebe!

I won an award from the Canadian Church Press for my Breath of Life article!

I am also featured in a book from Belgium about puppets. The author, Hubert Stuyvert, wrote to me about a year ago asking me to contribute some words and images about stop-motion puppetry, specifically how to apply it to teaching children. So I sent him a little blurb, and it's all been translated into Dutch. The rest of the book looks great...I wish I could read it, but apparently they're seeking a publisher to print some copies in English.

Found an old family photo of my ancestors, Bartholemew and Gertrude von Potassium-Spatula. Strangely enough they look so much like my own kids.

We've also had lots of weddings, lots of fun family gatherings, and lots of wine (well, me at least).

I'm gradually moving into a new role at VanArts, dissolving out of Admissions and into the role of Communications Director, which means doing more of the stuff I enjoy like videos, web stuff, publicity, and maintaining the website & social networking. I'll be learning lots of new stuff so expect some new developments coming soon, including a new website for myself on the side. Oh yeah, and the school is also moving into a new building. Woot.

And finally, my new book is now in stock. Here is my little teaser commercial for it.

The Advanced Art of Stop-Motion Animation from Ken Priebe on Vimeo.

Ariel's Post

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Breath of Life Animation Festival 2010

It was another successful run of Breath of Life this year, with a great team of regular and new volunteers and participants. Workshops were led by myself, Gautam Modkar, Raghuram Vannemreddy, Blake & Nicole Standard, Bronwen Kyffin, Melanie Vachon, Mike Jahnke and Jenn Isaak.

Here's a reel of the day's animation! Good times!

Breath of Life Animation Festival 2010 from Ken Priebe on Vimeo.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Cut, Print, that's a Wrap!

I've finally come out of hiding to the Boundaries again after several months of hard labor in the stop-motion mines, but this will be a quick announcement post to simply say the book is officially out of my hands! Also below is what I posted on SMA.com for what you can find inside. I will post more later to catch up on this and everything else.

Ken Priebe's new book 'The Advanced Art of Stop-Motion Animation' is off to the printers for release date of June 23, including a Foreward by Henry Selick!

SEE...the first full documented history on 80 years of feature-length stop-motion puppet films, from 'Tale of the Fox' to 'Fantastic Mr. Fox'.

SEE...new coverage of puppet-building techniques using plug-ins, silicone, rapid prototyping, replacements, and the inner workings of puppets by artists such as Dave Hettmer, Ron Cole and the Chiodo Bros. Uncle Creepy!

SEE...information on shooting with Digital SLR cameras, camera rigs, and stereoscopic 3D.

SEE...information on animation techniques and tons of coverage on digital compositing and visual effects.

SEE...8 new interviews with the following stop-motion artists:
-Mark Caballero, Seamus Walsh & Chris Finnegan of Screen Novelties
-Pete Kozachik, ASC
-Trey Thomas
-Bronwen Kyffin
-Larry Bafia and Webster Colcord
-Marc Spess
-Ryan McCulloch
-Justin and Shel Rasch

AND...on the enclosed CD:
-QuickTime Animation Clips for studying animation principles, dialogue, and compositing, including 2 clips in 3D by Justin Rasch.

-2 additional Bonus Appendices in pdf format, with loads of content and pictures on...

~Stop-Motion Education (Courses at CalArts, Sheridan College, Academy of Art University, workshops by Jurgen Kling & Lee Skinner)

~The Stop-Motion Animation Community online and in festivals, with URL links embedded to take you DIRECTLY to many amazing websites and production blogs.

Available for pre-order now at Amazon.com!

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who made it possible!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Puppets on the Brain

Here is a menagerie of puppet characters in progress, in the flesh, on the brain and in the world but not of the world...

At Spark FX several weeks ago, Jason Vanderhill, local curator of all things Colargol (Jeremy) the Bear, brought his collection of original puppets to show VanArts VFX instructor Shawn Tilling, another big fan of the show...

Took the kids downtown for the Olympic festivities and met giant-sized puppet mascots Miga, Sumi and Quatchi...

As I assemble various characters for the book, here's where I've been spending a good number of hours these days, in my newly converted drawing desk to a puppet workshop desk, getting light-headed from the latex fumes. The other night I was having a difficult time trying to find a way to snap some doll armature pieces together. Ariel, ever the concerned daughter, started talking on her pretend cel phone...'Hello, helpers? Can you come over and help my daddy with his puppets?'

Out on the deck, where it's better ventilated, she continues to be a big help as progress moves forward on a sea creature for Halfland!

Here's another guy hangin' around while he dries and ponders life as a puppet while his creator looks forward to burgers.